We live in an era in which everything is connected to the internet for the best performance. The gaming world is also no exception; in that case, nowadays, every game is connected to the internet. The game like Hustle Castle also needs a web to play the game. It is an android game which runs on mobile phones and tablets.

Facts about the game

The Hustle Castle game is first to introduce in android platforms, and the my.com company releases it. The release date of the game is 31st October 2017. However, the game is not so old as compared to the other games of the Google play store, but the fame of the game is quite high in the Android platforms.

Medieval period

The game is based on the ancient history which led you in the medieval period. In this game, you found everything which relates to the middle years of the world. The structure and design if the castle and equipment are well designed, which helps us to seek in the ancient periods.

The main motive of the game

The mains target of the game is to build the castle more swiftly. You need to perform several tasks in the game to get the best of rewards to make the castle stronger to defend form the other enemies of the game. You also need to make a weapon and equipment for the army of the castle.