Battlelands Royale Guide for beginners and strategies to take down enemies

The fact is that Battle Royale games are the most grossing games in the current time period. Same like it Battlelands Royale is also an Action Battle Royale game. And have very amazing graphics. After PUBG and Fortnite, this game has the best graphics and gaming industry. Strategic based this game has an excellent concept of playing.


The best thing about this game is that it is very simple & mechanics are so simple to understand. Combat fighting with guns and support with armors and health packs are so helpful. If you do not know much about this game, then you should try to land in a safe location. And loot as fast as possible; always remember the ammo and its guns. Always keep yourself hidden if you feel the enemy is nearby.

Best way to kill an enemy is to shoot on the head. Shooting on ahead deal …

Few interesting facts about the Hustle Castle game!

We live in an era in which everything is connected to the internet for the best performance. The gaming world is also no exception; in that case, nowadays, every game is connected to the internet. The game like Hustle Castle also needs a web to play the game. It is an android game which runs on mobile phones and tablets.

Facts about the game

The Hustle Castle game is first to introduce in android platforms, and the company releases it. The release date of the game is 31st October 2017. However, the game is not so old as compared to the other games of the Google play store, but the fame of the game is quite high in the Android platforms.

Medieval period

The game is based on the ancient history which led you in the medieval period. In this game, you found everything which relates to the middle …

Play Hay Day with the Best 3 Tips or Tricks


In order to get the best experience by playing Hay Day, you should make use of some classic tips or tricks. Therefore, later in the post, there are some tips and tricks provided to the players. Before the same, one should know that the game includes in the casual-based genre and available for both IOS and Android players at free of cost. The game is based on farming-related tasks and activities. In Hay Day, gamers have to expand their farm by growing crops and then earn profit by doing trade.

3 tips for playing Hay Day

Mentioned below are the top-class useful tips or tricks for Hay Day players which they need to make use when going to play Hay Day –

·         Make use of new deals – It means that when playing Hay Day, users have to know that they simply make full use of classic deals …

Deep guidance about Design Home

Design Home is the game which allows you to perform lots of real-life home related and classic activities. Players have to create their home, decorate it, renovate it, and design their rooms accordingly in the game. They are provided with lots of items in the game which they have to get and then earn them in a good amount as to make their room and home classic.

The game includes mainly 3 types of in-game currency in it which are in the form of cash, diamonds, and keys. It is also the main task for the gamers to play the game in an appropriate manner. They simply have to perform all classic and stunning activities by which they get a good amount of currency in it and also in it they have to complete all objectives, events, and daily challenges as well.

Guide about currency in Design Home

In order …

4 Smart Beginners Tips For Playing Home Street Game

 Popularity of Home Street – A Home Design Game is mushrooming day by day. Therefore, once you start playing the game, then you will find lots of homes that can easily design. Keep crafting things that would be best for you. You will need to craft items in order to unlock new missions and help you make everything possible. Once you start playing the game, then it would be really supportive for you. If you are playing as a beginner, then you must read the Home Street Review for collecting more information about the currencies of the game. Here some more facts about the game that you must checkout.

How to play as a beginner?

It is quite complicated to understand the game if you are playing as beginners. Therefore, simply go online and check out these great tips that would be really supportive for you –

  1. Let me star

My Home – Necessary Tips and Tricks!


Here you are going to meet with the classic and the best tips or tricks for the players of My Home. Players need to learn all these tips or tricks and then make its appropriate use to easily handle Home Street. Before it, one should know that in My Home, they have to design, build and then decorate their home according to their own dreams and fantasies. My Home contains varies advertisements in it which players have to watch as to earn currency and rewards in the game.

Tips and tricks for the players of My Home

Mentioned below are the main tips and tricks given for the players of My Home and about them all players should know as to go far in My Home –

  • Cheats and hacks – One should know that they are totally free to make use of the cheats as well as hacks

Reasons why people love to travel

With the pressure of work, it becomes very stressful at times. This could be harmful to health. You should look to spend more time on things other than your work. Go travelling all around the world to different places. Visit the places which you have always dreamt of. Do things that you have always wanted to do. These are some of the things which people do when they go travelling. Travelling can be very exciting. A lot of people love to travel because of the following reasons.


Regular routine life can be very boring and monotonous at times. You must have a yearning to something which is exciting and something different. You must be looking for new challenges and experiences. Travel allows you to do all these. It is the ideal way if you want to test out yourself. This will push you to your limits by getting you …

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